GENERAL KNOWLEDGE – Dated: 25th Jan 2017

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Q. 1. How many minimum members should be present In Parliament to complete the quorum of the House?

Ans: one-tenth members of the total members.

Q. 2. Which Article says, ‘There will be a Governor for each State In India”?

Ans: Article 53.

Q. 3. Why Is the person of blood group AB called Universal Acceptor?

Ans: The person of blood group AB can receive the blood from all types of blood groups AB, A, B and O, and is therefore called Universal Acceptor.

Q. 4. Why Is cooking quicker In a pressure cooker?

Ans: The boiling point of water (or any other liquid) depends upon the pressure ,on its surface. Steam produced inside the cooker builds up pressure thereby raising the boiling point of water, which results in quick cooking.

Q. 5. Who was Madame Curie?

Ans: She was the French physicist who isolated radium. She jointly with husband Pierre Curie discovered radlurn for which they shared the Nobel Prize in Physics (1903). She won Nobel Prize again for Chemistry In 1911. Her full name was Marie Sklodowska Curie (1867-1934). She was born In Poland.

Q. 6. Which English physician discovered the mechanics of the circulation of blood in 1616 AD?

Ans: William Harvey.

Q. 7. Which number system is commonly used as a shortcut notation for groups of four binary digits?

Ans: Hexadecimal.

Q. 8. What does the acronym YUPPIE stand for?

Ans: Young Urban Professional.

Q. 9. Which was the first country to commence competitive examination in Civil Services?

Ans: China.

Q.10. What is called Tsunami’?

Ans: It is a Japanese word. Tsu means harbour: nami means waves i.e., when a submarine earthquake causes a considerable movement of sections of the Ocean floor, the volume of the marine basin changes great mass of water into motion anql waves of a peculiar called kind Tsunamis are formed on the surface of the ocean.

Q.11. Where is the South Alps Mountain located?

Ans: New Zealand.

Q.12. Which planet is known as ‘Lord of the Heavens’?

Ans: Jupiter.

Q.13. Who wrote David CopperfielcJ, one of the world classics?

Ans: Charles Dickens.

Q.14. Who is called the architect of the Chinese Revolution and founder of the People’s Republic of China?

Ans: Mao Zedong.

Q.15. Where was the German dictator Adolf Hitler born in 1889?

Ans: Austria.

Q.16. ln which year did Mahmud Ghaznavi attack Somnath Temple?

Ans: 1025 AD.

Q.17. Who was the first sovereign ruler of the Sultanate of Delhi?

Ans: lltutmish who belonged to Shamsi dynasty.

Q.18. Who founded the Servants of India Society in 1905?

Ans: Gopal Krishna Gokhale.

Q.19. With which sport/game is P V Sindhu associated?

Ans: Badminton.

Q.20. Badminton is the national sport of which Asian country? ot- ^AK1Tnul

Ans: Malaysia. TO BE CONTINUED


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