Quiz – Dated: 25th Jan 2017

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Q. 1. Against which country did India taste its first Test cricket triumph?

Q. 2. Which type of blood can be given to persons of all types of blood groups?

Q. 3. Why is Anand in Gujarat famous for? Q. 4. In which month do we reap Rabi crops?

Q. 5. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Booker Prize, which novel was adjudged the bfest winner In 25 years?

Q. 6. Why is the old Secretariat of Government of West Bengal named as Writers Building’?

Q. 7. On top of which type of tree did Hanuman hide when he visited the Ashoka Vatika to meet Sita?

Q. 8. Which type of train is called Shinkansen in Japan?

Q. 9. Which island country is known as the ‘Land of the Flying Fish”?

Q. 10. Which country does off-spinner Jeetan Patel represent in One-Day cricket?



1. England.

2. O.

3. Dairy product.

4. April.

5. Midnight Children.

6. Because ‘Writer’ was the old name during the British regime for ‘Clerk’. It was in this building that the writers did the administrative correspondence.

7. Sinsapa.

8. Bullet train.

9. Barbados.

10. New Zealand.

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